Drawing your football plays is easy and time saving using our football playbook design software.

Draw your players exactly where you need them.

  • Postioning a player is simple, select the player and drag him around, even works with touch devices.
  • Need precision alignment? We have built in alignment tools to help you get exact positioning.
  • Not only can you drag your players with your mouse, you can move players with your keyboard arrow keys as well.
  • You can also shift your entire formation left and right as well as up and down by moving the line of scrimmage.
  • For more advanced uses you can even FLIP your play, that I Right play just became an I Left play with ONE click.

Adding Routes to your players is simple.

  • Adding routes or blocking assignments to your players is a simple ONE-click process.
  • Choose any type of route, you can add straight lines, curved lines and even zone assignments.
  • Most other products out there either have very limited line drawing ability, such as no curved lines, or their route drawing tools require you to be a graphics designer to get it right.
  • Not ours, if you can click and drag a mouse you can draw any kind of route you need.

Use preset routes to make drawing playbooks even easier.

  • With a simple click of the mouse you can add any of our common preset routes to your players.
  • Choose from common routes such as a POST route or CORNER route, one simple click and your done.
  • Need the route to be a little more this or a little more that, you can edit the preset route just like any other route, giving you complete control.

Customize Your Route Drawings.

  • Not only are routes easy to draw, they are just as easy to customize.
  • You can change the color of any route, you can even have different parts of the route a different color (great for secondary or tertiary routes)
  • Not all routes should end with an arrow, thats why you can change the route endpoint to be another shape, such as a circle, a square or a tee (great for blocking assignments)
  • The style of a route can also be changed, it can be solid, dashed or dotted.
  • You can even make your route lines thicker or thinner, its all up to you and all very simple to use.

Customize more than routes, customize your players too.

  • Just as easy as it is to customize your route drawings, you can also customize your players.
  • You can change your players fill color, outline color and label color
  • Great for highlighting an important player on a specific play or simply matching to your team colors.

See for yourself how easy it is to draw and customize your football plays